Losing Weight

Its such a talked about subject. Who does not want to lose weight?

I was about 81kgs in December 2006 and weighting about 74.2Kgs. I think its such a big jump. You can lose weight. But….. (dont you just love that “But” Word.

 There are a number of factors to think about when you want to lose weight.

 1. You really want to lose it

2. The people around you, the going to be a major % of you losing weight over the few months

3. Exercise – you dont need to join a gym, you can just walk around the block – even if its 30 mins a day or 20mins or 10mins, ITS A START

4. Food – i think its about the amount you eat, dont keep eattin and try and fit it all in. You can save it for lunch the next day or dinner.

5. Positive thinking – “I can do it” just think about the day that you’ll at the ideal weight, look ahead, dont look back in your past.


One Response to “Losing Weight”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the recipe (and the baileys!!) 🙂

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