Everything is looking up, once again!

Who else can I share the good news with? But, with my sweet Blog readers 😛 As of today, I’m manager of a team of 6 people in Retail/Warehouse. Its quite interesting when im only 20 and I’m in control of people that are double my age. As i make this Blog up, I realize and I want other people to think, that age does not have anything to do with life. You can do whatever you want in life, you just need to push yourself and do your best. You’ll start to receive the rewards, as time goes by. As i go into this position, I look back, people have commented and said to me “you need to complete Uni to get ahead in life” or this one “you’ll not going to get any where in life, useless b******” i wish i could face these people today and just rub it in, but where will that get me, no where. So, if your reading this and your at the age, where you don’t know what to do in life or just listen to people like above, get off your ass and show them what your made of. It feels good, trust me. Take care people; I’ll keep you updated on everything. Clinty the blogger out of here


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