Losing Weight

February 11, 2007

Its such a talked about subject. Who does not want to lose weight?

I was about 81kgs in December 2006 and weighting about 74.2Kgs. I think its such a big jump. You can lose weight. But….. (dont you just love that “But” Word.

 There are a number of factors to think about when you want to lose weight.

 1. You really want to lose it

2. The people around you, the going to be a major % of you losing weight over the few months

3. Exercise – you dont need to join a gym, you can just walk around the block – even if its 30 mins a day or 20mins or 10mins, ITS A START

4. Food – i think its about the amount you eat, dont keep eattin and try and fit it all in. You can save it for lunch the next day or dinner.

5. Positive thinking – “I can do it” just think about the day that you’ll at the ideal weight, look ahead, dont look back in your past.


Mystery Shopper??

February 11, 2007

Have you ever heard of a Mystery Shopper?  

I come across a interesting site last night and hit the keyboard just then to tell you all about it, sharing is caring. 

You can, right here in your own backyard. Right now, there are mystery shoppers just like me, all over
Australia auditing the level of service that companies aim to provide. We are testing their mottos and putting their mission statements to trial. There is always a need for mystery shoppers because people are needed in all different parts of the country and from different walks of life. After all, the customer is never the same; and every customer is right.

This report tells you what a mystery shopper is, what is expected of you and how to register to become one. Once you qualify and register, you become part of the group, quite possibly for life. This means that you will get paid to shop, and more often then not get reimbursed for the expense of your shopping trip. This could included getting your meal paid, having servicing to your car, movie tickets, test driving a Mercedes, visiting a nice restaurant or having work done to your house. All you need to do is tell someone whether or not they did a good job. Your opinion pays. (Something like 007 on a mission – but your life is not on the line)




Only sites of know of at the moment, got any, like to share, leave a comment

Pictures from South-West of Western Australia

February 11, 2007

Late last year (2006) I did a one week holiday, to explore the South-West of Western Australia, as I use to live in the country 4 years ago, I never really visited the south-west a lot, I think I did a few trips when I was young (2 years old) I don’t think I can remember a lot then. The towns I visited were Walpole, Pemberton, Augusta, Nornalup and Margaret River and a few other small towns in between.

Nice beach - Western Australia beach

Walpole is quite a small town, pretty much just a beach town and good fishing. Pemberton consists of large trees, over 50 metres tall (Karri trees).
Augusta is good for people that want to relax from the city life and just relax on the beach or just like to enjoy a nice bush walk. Normalup once again, its just a place to relax, maybe launch the little boat onto the river and enjoy fly fishing. Those tour guides can be really fun at times; they make your holiday time enjoyable.

 Upload more pictures soon!

If you enjoy drinking a few bottles of wine back, Margaret River is the best to visit, a large range of local wineries and local products, makes the town such a hit. Just remember to have someone that hates wine, so you can always have a sober driver.

Hello world!

February 11, 2007

Welcome Everyone WorldWide. This is my new blog and i hope you enjoy your stay. Take care Goody